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Thursday, July 15, 2004

BugTracker in Development

I'm presently working on a BugTracking tool that I began working on here in July. I'm writing it in PHP with a MySql backend. All is going well with both technologies, I think PHP & MySql is a good fit for a BugTracking tool. Both technologies are truely multiplatform and free.

I'll post updates of my progress in the future. I need some help in the graphics area if your interested in helping me feel free to email me.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Microsoft Programmer's Toolkit (July '04)

Monthly I'd like to post links to download all the latest tools a Microsoft programmer will need to do their job. I'll link to updates of common tools and utilities as they come out.

Good MSDN Article: Integrating Analysis Services with Reporting Services

Sean Boon has written a good article explaining how to use Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services to report on data within SQL Servers Analysis Service (Microsoft's OLAP solution). He also has written a helpful example which is a Reporting Services project that consumes the data in the Analysis Service example Foodmart, which is installed with Analysis Services by default.