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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Review

Ubuntu Linux is the biggest Linux distribution to hit the open source software (OSS) community since , well forever. Ubuntu's motto is "Linux for Human Beings." For many its the usability or ease of use, for others it's the power and flexibility, regardless of what you want it's here.

For the Windows-only users, yes Ubuntu has GUI and rich GUI. OOB it has media, instant messaging, networking, internet browsing (FireFox), Bit Torrenting and Open Office technology. When you want to install Ubuntu it is very straight forward, you boot off of a CD and boot directly to Ubuntu. You can try it out and/or install it now, just double-click the "Install" on your desktop.

Feel free to browse the internet or instant message will this is going on. If you have Windows installed you can either erase it or resize that partition and install alongside it. After it installs you will reboot and that's it

Where to go from here? Browse the Ubuntu Guide wiki which is your best source for most everything you want to do on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 6.06 also has a server version, this one is commandline only and has an optional LAMP configuration. So next time you want to setup a Linux server consider Ubuntu.

Ubuntu uses a Debian core with Gnome and lots of other nice add-ons. Some commercially based packages to not come included (such as mp3 support) because of legal reasons. Other negatives are nice haves such wireless management GUI needs to be installed (thoguh WiFi itself is supported OOB).

Download Ubuntu (.iso or torrent)
Rating 8/10 (Great)