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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The drug of choice for many of us who choose to go without Ritalin. This upper, served hot normally delivering over 100MG of caffeine per cup.

Unfortunately something goes wrong when people make it. Whether it's chewing on coffee grinds, tastes like cigarette butts or as weak as hot tea at Denny's. Apparently we need help. This covers basic coffee brewing and where to find good coffee.

I'm going to cover two main brewing techniques: Drip & French Press. Most companies employ the drip coffee machine, which is fine. Chose a metal filter over a paper filter, or a natural paper filter over a bleached white paper filter, you get the idea. If using paper filters just use ONE, more than that will over filter the coffee.

Now fill the filter up about 3/4 of the way, I don't like to measure for this because it takes too long and every machine is different, use some trial and error. Always brew coffee on the stronger side, because you can easily make it weaker adding hot water, you can't make it stronger.

Next fill your coffee up with water, if there's not a direct water feed. Do not neglect this step, use filtered or bottle water, I really don't recommend using tap water for this for taste reasons. Finally start the machine, then wholla.

Lastly if your company doesn't have the proper tools for good coffee (i.e. good coffee, machine, filter, water), then use this technique. Buy a Brita water filter pitcher keep a good amount of water in this at all times. Next buy yourself a French Press, whole bean coffee and a grinder. You can however grind the coffee at the store but I recommend fresh grinding before use.

Grind your beans coarsely, then fill your French press with the appropriate amount and fill the glass container with hot boiled filtered water and stir. Let the steep for ~5 min, plunge and serve.

The best way to ruin a good cup of coffee is by taking CoffeeMate (or other artificial creamers) and dumping it into your expensive Java. At this point just pick up some coffee at McDonald's or something, YOU RUINED IT!!! Use a dairy product, preferably Half & Half or Whole milk, but any milk product will be better than coffee mate.

However if you do like CoffeeMate, you can substitute it with some Karo (corn syrup) and then have your coworker spit in it, wholla!!

Lastly, there is the coffee bean itself, the most expensive product to coffee making. Regardless of what commercials tell you, the worst part of waking up is Folgers in your cup, therefore get some good coffee. Starbucks is a good high quality brand so are many local roasters. Smelling the coffee is a good indicator of it's flavor and quality. Whole Foods, Central Market and Costco all sell great coffee, and I don't mean the smelly stuff in the tin cans.

With these tips your can be a better coworker, team member and never ruin someone's morning again.... well not with coffee...