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Thursday, September 16, 2004

FireFox Preview Release 1.0

FireFox (next generation verison of Mozilla) has been released...well sorta. A Preview Release has been published, which is something between Release Candidate and RTM. Oh well.

Anyway, my review in this product is that it is an Excellent browser. In almost ever fashion it is better than Internet Explorer 6.0. The internal pop-up blocker for FireFox actually works all the time, whereas Internet Explorer's conveniently doesn't work, at places like MSN.

FireFox also starts up very fast and loads web pages faster than IE. It also keeps track of your downloads in case you ever forget where you downloaded stuff to.

Another great feature of this browser is the capability of "Extensions". These work like Internet Explorer add-ins do, except there is a more existent community programming Extension for FireFox than add-ins for IE. There are many downloadable add-ins for FireFox, among them are: AdBlocking software, Image zooming, Web Develeoper extensions and much more.

Of course, you'll still need to use Internet Explorer for many websites that either don't run well in FireFox or use ActiveX Controls, however FireFox is a great browser and worth the download.