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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Relocation to NY

I haven't blogged lately, mostly because over the summer I took a job at Infusion Development to work as a consultant in New York.  Development in New York is mostly centered around financial services which provides inherently more complicated business processes than most industries.

For the previous two years I had worked at Loomis in Houston and I have enjoyed my time there.  We worked with many banks and retail establishments which offered a lot of opportunity for integration and working with cash management systems.  I also had the opportunity to work with some people in IT that I really appreciated and

In my short time here, I have enjoyed myself working on a project with one of the banks, developing on a trading platform.  Some of the challenges working on a WinForms trading application are: multiple threads & concurrency, separation of concern in a traditional WinForms app and the performance on a real-time system.

Relocating a family and settling in takes time but as things return to normal I'd like to blog about some of the following things I've been thinking of:

  • Learning Objective C on Windows
  • A fluent API for UI development
  • Surviving a .Net 2.0 Project and enjoy it
Infusion is hiring Senior .Net programmers if you are interested in relocating to NYC and have a passion for development send me a message.

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